Another Year. A New Year. 2013

I'm not really someone who celebrates the new years, atleast i haven't been for the last 3 years. But i do like all of the hype and hope that goes around with it. I do like to call and talk to my friends on the new years and wish them a new year. I do like making resolutions and dream about the coming year.
But i believe people sometimes take it a bit too far when it comes to the new year or the resolutions.

It's kind of strange what humans do. We are bubbles of hope in a sense. Every year, we make resolutions, we make plans, we have ideas and we dream. But not everything can go according to plan. Not everything happens for your good.
And when this does happen, people either turn to god or turn to their past.
Those that turn to god are beings of hope, beings that think that hard work will eventually pay out, beings that just work hard leaving the rest up to god.
Then there are the people who turn to their past i.e those who look at what they've done so far, those who look at the things they've done, those who look at why something went wrong or why something didn't work out the way it was supposed to. These people believe in constant learning. These people go through life and ideas, dreams and plans learning things and making sure that the next idea goes according to plan.

The reason i'm telling you this is because i believe that the former kind of humans are the ones that look forward to the new years the most. These people believe that their fate will change the coming year, that something magical will guide them towards the better. I'm not saying that these people believe in just this.

Whereas the latter kind don't set resolutions for a new year. They don't make plans about the coming year. That's not because these people don't plan ahead but it's because they plan every month, then plan every week and these methodical humans stick to their schedules. These people don't need to make new year's resolutions because they already have monthly/weekly resolutions.

Again, all of this babble to bring one thing to your notice, you shouldn't need to look forward just for to the new years but for each and every day you are alive.
You should wake up everyday with plans in mind and commitment in your heart.

Even i make new years resolutions but to put it in simple words, my resolution is to live in the moment, is to live in the present, is to learn from everything that i've done - right or wrong and to keep making my life and the lives of those around me a little bit better over the year.

There are people who keep looking at their past, mourning at the things that went wrong and crying over the things that they could've done. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, but this can seriously break a man over time. There are people who keep planning their future, not days or months in advance but years in advance. Again, it's not bad to set life goals in the long run but one shouldn't be distracted if they're not achieved.

All you need to do is wake up everyday with hope in your heart and a spark in your eyes, do everything you can and move on to the next day.

Have a good day :)... 

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