Why Linux is awesome!

Well, im not a windows hypocrite. Or atleast im not still one.
And i've been procrastinating from doing many things on windows. I've been putting off learning python though i have v2.7 installed on windows, i've been putting off learning latek though i have texlive installed and well the list goes on for quite a while, though this has been one of the most productive summers of all time.

But everything changed today. I woke up at 6 in the morning, even before the alarm rang.
And having read this article on minimalism, i had started cleaning my hard drive of all the crap i had downloaded* and i eventually had enough space and the right number of partitions to install ubuntu. I already had a bootable pendrive**, using which i can run ubuntu and then install it on my comp.

so, the installation is done, and not even a day has passed, i have configured all the settings like proxy, my dual monitor settings, downloaded all of the updates in 1 hour (which literally took me a month on windows), installed Gnome and KDE along side the default Unity desktop interface, started learning Latek and Octave and GNU Plot along side.

And the best part of all, everything is done on a terminal.
achieve this level of awesomeness on a windows machine and i'll, well, i wont do anything.
i'll just dual boot.

*  well, the reason as to why i had to remove and format a couple of my hard drives is because of this shtupid <5 primary partitions rule. I dont know why but you will not be able to install ubuntu or any form of unix on a system which already had 4 primary partitions, like the System Reserved and C: drive that windows comes with. And because my comp has a 500GB Hard Disk, it came with 2 other partitions, which were of course primary (which is the default option when you are making a new partition). And no matter how much free space i had, i wasnt able to install ubuntu. And then i read that article on minimalism, which made me realize that all of those stupid movies, sitcoms can be downloaded at any time. I dont need to store them on my comp. So, i deleted all the unnecessary things and transferred all the important things into one drive (the 3rd drive), formatted the other (the 4th) and merged this formatted drive with the 3rd drive, leaving around 30GB of data, which is all i need to install ubuntu.

** Well, if you are already running an ubuntu machine, there is already a program called "Create Bootable Device" installed. Otherwise, there are many programs online which will help you make a pendrive a bootable device like unetbootin. this a stand alone program, which can be used to 'burn' the contents of a .iso file corresponding to a ubuntu installation image onto a pendrive and allow you to boot from the pendrive. try it. it is awesome. and the reason im suggesting you use unetbootin/other such programs is 2 fold. one being that over time CD drives will become redundant because of the interest in thinner and thinner laptops. the second being that installation using a bootable pen drive is very very fast. because it is a flash memory device, the data transfer is way faster than in the case of CDs and the installation process will be sped up like crazy. 
it is awesome. 

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