Where Facebook thinks I work

So, I removed most personal information from Facebook and I ended up with a box on my Wall asking me to fill in some information. One of the questions is about where I worked at in the past. The options Facebook gave me are :

The options Facebook gave surprised me, to say the least.

The reason I am surprised at these options is because of how they differ from options I got for other questions. For example, the options I got for the question of where I live currently was a list of places my friends currently live in. Similarly, the options I got for the question of where I studied was a list of colleges my friends studied at.

The only company on this list that my friends work at is Ather, as is evidenced. I cannot recall a single person in my Facebook friend circle who works at either TCS or Cognizant or at HCL. Why Facebook decided to add those items to the list will remain a mystery.

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