How to pursue Radio Astronomy

If you are a complete noob, Radio Astronomy deals with the study of emissions in the radio wave part of the electromagnetic spectrum i.e ~10 MHz to 10 GHz. The emissions might be from the sun, inter-planetary i.e from other planets in the solar system, extra-solar, galactic or extra-galactic in nature. It also deals with the mechanism behind the emission of energy in this spectrum. Various process contribute to emissions from astronomical sources, synchrotron emission causing some of the stronger emissions. 

I've already written a lot about what i've done in radio astronomy, the radio jove project that i've worked on, doubts i had regarding the project, the observable range in radio astronomy and building a radio telescope. I also implemented a different method of data acquisition (different from the method used in radio jove) about which i've written here

So, i've already given a lot of opinions regarding radio astronomy.
Now, i thought it'd be better if i just share the material i have and let people decide what they are interested in doing - if they are interested in building the instrument to observe jupiter or if they're interested in studying the theory behind the emissions and work on the math. 

I've shared a lot of material I've collected over time regarding radio astronomy here
'' . 
That is a link to my google drive where i've uploaded the material. It is accessible to all and you can go through the different files and read up. I will try and edit the names of the file to make their content more obvious sometime later on. 

For now, the files in the folder radio astronomy are related to the basics of radio astronomy. Some of them are .htm files i.e they correspond to websites. I suggest you download these files and then open them, otherwise you'll see gibberish. You can go into the folder saying 'Radio Jove' to read up on the official documents on the project, various other similar implementations of it, related electronics and theory behind antenna. 

I have quite a few other papers on COBE and so on which i will upload over time, I first need to find them and pool them together. Anyway, that is most of the documentation i have on radio astronomy, let me know if you are in need of help of if you have any suggestions regarding radio astronomy. 

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