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To Crib or not to Crib - that is the question!

After a recent discussion with a couple of friends of mine, who were in the middle of cribbing to each other about their professors, their skewed views etc etc, they finally ended up looking towards me who had been staring blankly at them all this while, as to why i wasn't cribbing. they then proceeded to complement(i think it is) that they had never heard me crib about anything before! (well i reduced it a lot in the past year or so) and they were wondering why.
so, after a long discussion with them and later on myself, here is why i do not crib!

and before i start, for the slang-impaired, to crib means to bitch, about college life, rooms, food, girls, friends, profs, academics and a variety of never before heard and strange things in life. im sorry but there i can't make it any more civilized.

so, in my three years, i've heard people crib on a range of topics. and if and when you try stopping them or asking them the validity of the topic they are cribbing on, they look at you as if you're trying to snatch away their birth right or something. it's as if the constitution bestowed upon it's citizens the 'right to crib' as well.

they crib on the fact that they are having to share a room with another person, where as in rural colleges, schools and a lot of boarding colleges, a double bed room is shared by as many 5-6 people. and what more, that their beds aren't placed right or aren't smooth enough, the tube light is at a skewed angle from their bed and disturbs them when switched on, when there are people who do not have the privilege of a tube light or more basically, electricity!

there are people who crib about the quality of food at the mess, who say that this food should just be thrown to the deer or the dogs all the while eating it and wasting tons and tons of it where as just outside the campus, you can see people begging and fighting everyday for the same amount of food! and what more, people who have selected food court now crib that their choices are the same, that they dont find variety anymore and that the food is too costly while at the same time you can find people, atleast a few, who happily go to the regular mess, have food and come back!

there are people who crib about the internet cut at 12, raise a ruckus on the fact that the net speeds are low while all that we do is download sitcoms, anime and movies from the internet and from each other, sit on facebook for hours together, play obnoxious games online. and do you know that the professors are having to struggle, now that the proxy servers are the same for the acads and hostel area, that it takes forever for them to download a paper because the students are hogging up all the band-width. leave alone the issue of band-width, there are students who can only dream of this kind of internet connection,  subscription to some of the most prestigious journals in world (like IEEE, science world, elsevier etc etc) which im sure hardly any of you have ever used!

then there are people who crib about their friends and family, about the kind of hard life they've been through where as the most they've been through is a heart break, thrown out of house a couple of times, shouted at by their parents or denied a new laptop or cellphone. and i hope you know that there are people in this world, who dont have parents, who cant make friends because of a language barrier, because of a disability, who put their past behind once they've learnt something from it!

so, have i covered all the bases here? cribbing about college, rooms, food, family and friends.
ahh, the only thing left is academics.

well, here i am okay with people cribbing as there are professors who dont teach well but end up giving real bad grades to students, who teaches something irrelevant to the subject in class and then expects you to do well in the exams. this i understand, because academics (i've just realised) are very important and anything that can dent your academic career, you have the right to be pissed off at.

so, you see. what do you really have to be pissed off at?

that you are studying in IIT Madras, while your fees is being taken care of by your parents where as in other countries students earn their college fees from part time jobs?

that you have cooked food to eat while there are students who get along with just rice sambar and buttermilk?

that you have friends to talk to, that you have people to share all of your emotions with while there are people out there who are discriminated against and shunned away from society?

that you had a tough life while growing up in a metropolitan where as there are people living with 4 hours of electricity per day, pathetic education system, scarce amount of food and 12 hours of work a day?

i know that i have blown this topic of people/students cribbing by a huge proportion, but sometimes when i hear these people crib, i feel as if they dont know what happens outside the campus walls, they dont know how people live their lives everyday, they dont know how tough life can be on a day-to-day basis.

these ignorant people talking about their tough lives sometimes make me laugh and sometimes makes me wonder, is this the plight of our education system?
is this the plight of our generation?

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