2 n 1/2 men is now 1 n 1/2 men with a zombie, which acts really bad

i was thinking of  blogging on this matter before i watched the new season of 2n1/2men with ashton kutcher replacing charlie sheen as the lead in the tv series. it can be summed up as 8 seasons of awesomeness followed by a stupid interview which made chuck lorre chuck charlie from the lead part, kill him by throwing himself infront of a train in the tv show and take ashton kutcher as his replacement.

i never bothered for the acting because the comedy was just briliant, the script was awesome and charlie was just perfect for the part. but why do you think after 8 seasons of charlie acting as himself in the tv series finally rant on his producer chuck lorre. well i have a theory.


from the very first episode, allen is shown as a loser and though you might have pity towards him, pity almost at the end of every episode, that pity is almost always overcome by the huge laughter following it. as for charlie, he had no problem acting as the real life him for 8 seasons. but the cane the episodes 8-15, 16 where allen starts acting like a multiple personality, one of which is the same old allen we've seen for 8 years and one new allen, who is sinister, crazy, awesome and seemingly very interesting. and just when i was hoping for more of allen, just when i was thinking that the script was finally gonna work for the good of allen, charlie rants, he's fired and now wer're back to the 9th seaon which itself starts with allen returning back to his original, crappy self.

so, i wonder why charlie ranted when he did. he didnt have any problems acting what he was in real life for 8 years and then suddenly one day he just gets up and rants. and c'mon, if you say that charlie had saturated from the bullshit from his producer and ranted, that is in now way true. charlie is the cool dude, who cant be pissed off. bu im pretty sure he'll be pissed if he was made the side plot in a tv show which started with him as the lead, which has 8 seasons worth of following behind it, which may in itself be becasue of his name. that is what i think happened, once charlie realised that the script was changing, not for his sake but to finally bring some shades of red in allen, maybe bring allen into the lime light and saw how the audience responded to these changes, he freaked out. well he is already high(most of the time), how hard is it to get him syked about something.

so, maybe he freaked out for the sake of his character, maybe he freaked out at the prospect of him not being the lead of a tv show which started on him and his life. maybe now im high and i have no idea what im telling you. i dont know (neither will you) . so, yeah.
was the script of 2 n 1/2 men about to change for the better of allen, we will never know. did charlie freak out because of the changes around him, supposedly purported against him, we will never know. will we ever be able to like charlie's replacement on the show, we never know. will the script change towards allen again, lets hope so.

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